Here I come Coding In

Hi Everyone! I am Haider Shafaq, a tech savvy teenager from India. I am a fan of software and always look forward to use some new applications, understand their purpose and learn how they coded.

Everyone knows me as the computer geek.  My uncle sent me a link about a contest held by Google, Google Code In.

Just hearing about Google, I buzzed with excitement.  I registered myself as soon as possible. I came to know that this contest was about open source software which boosted my enthusiasm.

Open source software is an integral part of my life. Just to name a few, I use Mozilla Firefox, GIMP, Audacity, Chromium, VLC media player, Libreoffice(on my Ubuntu VM).

Participation in this contest has enhanced my knowledge about not only the open source community but also about software as a whole.

Github is a great tool that keeps me updated with the community. I read many threads, issues and their solutions. Also I don’t limit myself to one source but also read many books about technology.

One emerging software technology I am interested in is biometric technology in smartphones. I myself use my fingerprint to unlock my phone. It would be a helpful idea for all people connected to the technology world as passwords can be hacked but a good biometric security method can ensure data security.

Finally I would like every reader who has a great mind in this field to participate in GCI to enhance his/ her knowledge in the field they aim to work for.

I would also like to thank FOSSASIA for giving me this lovely opportunity to write my first blog.